Reliance Jio is Going to launch 4G keypad mobile -at cheep price of 1000/-

Hello everybody,Again we came with an latest and out stunning news.Reliance is the no.1 networking company in India.This company would like to give more offers to the customers and treat them as their family and create problems to other networking companies.In that manner Reliance company started a network i.e,. Reliance 4G Jio sim.From 5 September 2016 this network is getting tension to all the networking companies.By its outstanding offers.i.e Free Data OF Jio 4G. Now Jio 4G is available every where in India. Jio is an part of Reliance company.It is serving free data upto 10 GB per-a-day and with this sim you can make calls also.By this all people started getting Jio sims into their mobiles.They are use this network a lot.

Jio 4G sim is only used in 4G mobiles and only 40 % of people are using 4G android devices in India. Remaining  are 3G/2G and Common mobiles.So for the remaining people sack with the aim of all the people should jio free service. Jio chairman Ambani has planned to release a smart 4G mobile for the cost of only 1000/-.This is news is still not announced.This phone will be manufactured for all the people to use jio service.If it becomes true and ambani announce that jio mobile will be on market then confirm that all people will buy that

Tips :- How To Use 4G Jio sim in 3G Mobiles.

Specification OF Jio Mobile 4G LTE :

  • It is Keypad Mobile.
  • Primary camera & Secondary camera is present.
  • Hotspot and Wi-Fi is present.
  • Supports all 4G,3G and 2G networks.
  • Speed Time Processor.
  • This is 4G VoLTE Mobile.
  • Special feature is in this mobile, Jio TV,Jio Music,Jio chat, Jio money.
  • You can make unlimited voice calls,video calls for free with this.

This are the specifications leaked in online now still many features are present in jio mobiles.So be tunned for jio mobiles.

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Next After Release OF Jio 4G Keypad Mobile – Jio is Going to launch Touch Device :jio 4g

In this 2017 jio is going to launch jio 4G keypad mobile at the price of 1000/- only with this mobile all people can use jio phones and use them where ever they need by this all the mobiles will goback and jio will be no.1 for ever.In the same time reliance is planing to release Jio touch sensor mobile.This is also a 4G device and its cost is around 1500/- rupees only.

This news is not still announced openly on public and media,we came to know by online if you like us.

Conclusion :

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