Protect Eyes From Computer Screen

Now a days 75% youth of should be in front of computers and mobiles.And software and some of Medical profession people also spend in front of computers.Now a days technology is rapidly growing every thing should  tied with computers and technology.Like online banking,online electricity bill paying,online ticket booking,online recharge etc..So todays world should be in front of computer screen.By staying prolonged time in front of computer screen our eyes are going to be strained because of  computer and mobile light. So the light will effect our eyes

Eyes from computers

Protecting eyes from computer screens

Protect Eyes From Computer Screen by  following these Tips:-

  1.  Ensure appropriate glasses and contact lenses as prescription which also suitable for computer use.
  2. For prolonged exposer  use glasses and contact lens to help with Contrast,Glare and Eye strain when using                    computers.
  3. Adjust your computer screen such that your eyes are level with the top of the monitor. This allow you to look         slightly down of screen.So contrast and glare should not touch directly to our retina
  4. Avoid any glare on your computer from windows and light.
  5. Choose comfortable and supportive chair position it so that your feet are flat on floor.
  6. If your eyes are feel dry, Blink your eyes for 5 minutes.
  7. Every 20 minutes give rest to your eyes by seeing 20 seconds 2 feet away objects from your eyes.
  8. At least take 15 minutes of break for every 2 hours continuously working on computers.
  9.  Don’t wear  glasses old prescription ask your doctor for computer comfrot glasses.
  10. Old Monitors and low resolution screens are harm to eyes.So u p grade and high resolution monitors and screens.
  11.  Excessive lighting should be avoid from computer screen it should cause eye strain.
  12.  Sit in correct position your chin should be front and eyes should be back and spine should be strait and feet should be flat.

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