Healthy Food To Stay Healthy


Healthy lunch :

Now a days all members are stick on to instant foods. which are easily available and easy to cook also and also it’s easily bring diseases also. Because it’s contains preservatives and some harmful chemicals   if your are taking that foods regularly they are very dangerous to health and cause so many health problems even some of them are cause cancer also, some are causing gastric problems . If you are working so many hours or going to school or colleges  any where packing healthy food in your lunch it’s boost your energy and increase you efficiency. Instead of taking food from outside. Here we presenting some healthier and tastier food which are suitable for your lunch.So friends switch off to instant foods and switch on to healthy foods.

Some OF the Heathy Launch iTems :

Sandwiches : 

Cheese and tomato sandwiches are greater source of protein especially cottage cheese and low fat source,  tamato is good for your health and also prevent cancer. You can also consider healthier version by swapping mayonnaise with avocado as it full of healthy mono saturated fat.


Salads :

Salads especially green salads is one of the healthiest food which you can pack for your lunch. It is easy to make and great appetizer also. You can also add flavor to your salad by adding fruits and vegetables you can  also add egg in to your salad according to your wish.


Fruits :

If you want to make your diet healthy means you can  definitely add fruits  in your diet. Fruits actually reduce the meal time by deceasing appetite. Fruits contains fructose  which boost your energy, and fiber creates fullness of stomach. It’s contain high amount of dietary fiber and low amount of calories. Which can also helps in control of weight.


Chicken wraps :

This is one of  the best if  you are in rush  and you want to eat something spicy and healthy. Chicken is one of the good source for protein. And you can also increase your roll flavor by adding some ketchup and frozen corn and lettuce leaves and peas as your wish.


Whole wheat pizza :

Instead of having  greasy one you can make your own pizza by adding your favorite vegetables and corn. You can make whole wheat pita pocket rather than using  heavy pizza dough. Eating eggplant pizza also healthier because it’s containing high amount of potassium.


Balanced diet :

You can also take one cup of rice with cup of dhal , It’s contain carbohydrates and proteins which are essential for your daily requirements. If you taking this in limited amount means is healthy and you consume in large creates obesity.


These are some healthy food which are suitable for your lunch.

Conclusion :

That’s All by this our tutorial comes to end.I hope this topic is very useful for all the mankind because taking food to survey is common to every leaving thing in the universe.By taking this foods we can be little healthy for few more days.If you have any douts still contact us through Facebook,Thank You yours Mercury Waves Team.

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