ZAPYA For PC,Laptop,Windows 10,8.1,8,7 & Mac-A Best File Sharing App For Free.

ZAYPA For PC : Hai Guys,Now most of the work will be carried out in Android Devices,Laptop,Tablets and Other Latest Gadgets.We All Need any of the above-mentioned gadgets in order to do work lies with data transactions via some storage devices.For Transfering data from one device to another device without using any Data Cable,Internet,Wi-Fi Connections. There are many tools available in online for transferring data via mobile devices is easy compared to the hectic way of transfer via PC OR Laptop.Google Drive is one tool to transfer data and there are many other cloud tools for accessing your documents any time.Sometimes it may work and sometimes it may not work.For that sack,We got an wonderful  New App Sharing File and its name is ZAPYA App. Zapya App is an very good and  fast sharing app from one device to another device. If you are searching for How to Download and Install ZAPYA For PC on laptop/windows 1o,8.1,8,7/Mac Computers.Then you arrived to the perfect page.MercuryWaves Team welcomes you to this regarding page Zapya For PC/Windows 10 / Laptop Download.In this article we are going to show you how to download and install Zaypa App For PC.Our team made a easy tutorial with Comprehensive steps just go through the steps carefully and install Zapya App on PC/windows/Laptop & MAC without making any Errors.zapya for pc

Zapya App is the one of the Fastest Growing App.It has more than 300 Millions of page-views on Google Play Store.It transfer files from one platform to another, without any Wi-Fi Connections or Mobile Network. It shares videos, Audios,Photos,Documents and other files.If you are interested in downloading Zapya For PC,You can download it from Google Play Store for Androids and i Phone users can get it from iTunes and for Window Phones

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 Features OF ZAPYA App For PC :

  • It Supports 100 MBPS Speed to Transfer Files.
  • Support almost every file to transfer or receiving.
  • You can Transfer Files From Android Phones to IOS also.
  • No internet,Wi-Fi,Data Connections are required.
  • Supports cross-Platform on various devices Such as Android,Laptop,Windows Phone,Windows PC and other IOS Devices.
  • Shares massive Data across various devices at a high speed  of about 15-20 MB per second which is the very high compared to Bluestacks.
  • Its Completely Free to Use at anytime.

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Special Feature :

You can make Group Chat with your friends who is having ZAPYA APP installed in their androids and pc’s is possible.It is For Free OF Cost.

4 Methods to Download and Install ZAPYA For PC / Laptop / Windows 10,8.1,8,7 & Mac ;

They Are :

  1. Zapya App Using Android,
  2. Download Zapya For PC Using Bluestacks,
  3. Download Zapya For PC Using APK File,
  4. Download Zapya For PC Using .exe File.

The instructions and steps are given below.

1.Download ZAPYA APP For ANDROID :

  1. Open Google Play Store in your Android Device.
  2. Type ZAPYA APP and Click Search option and wait for few minutes.
  3. Then You will find the App, and then click on the Zapya App to install it.
  4. After Completing the Installation Process,The app will appear in the Apps Menu.
  5. Launch the Zapya File Transfer App and Start Transferring OR Sharing Apps & Files and others.

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2. Download Zapya For PC Using Bluestacks :

To install this app on your PC.You need to have an emulator.For that we prefer Bluestacks Emulator. This Emulator is the no.1 android emulator which runs all the android apps in your pc.To get this click on the below link.

Download Bluestacks Emulator.

After That Follow the below steps.

  1. Open Bluestacks on your PC by Clicking on the Search icon.zapya
  2.  After seeing the Search icon,Type ZAPYA in the Search box and then hit on the Search Play For ZAPYA APP which appears below the search box.zapya for ios
  3.  Then Select the App which you need to download and install on Play Store.zapya for iphone
  4. Click on the App,You will find the install option there click on it,your installation process will start and wait for few seconds for complete installation.Zapya for ipad
  5.  After Completing Installation, Navigate Bluestacks Home Page ->All Apps->Find ZAPYA  App For PC and Start using the App.

3.Download ZAPYA APP For PC Using APK File :

If you are facing any problem while installing  ZAPYA APP you can download the APK File Directly and install it by using Bluestacks.


  1. After installing the file simply click on the ZAPYA APK File to install on right click on it and select the  option open with Bluestacks Apk installer.Wait For Few Seconds to Install.
  2. After Completing the installation Process navigate to the Bluestacks  Home page ->All Apps-> Find Zapya App icon-> Open it and Start Sharing Files.

4.Download ZAPYA For PC Using .exe File  :

  1. Click Here to Download Zapya For PC .exe File.
  2. Once the file is downloaded,then installation windows displays on the screen.
  3. Then,Just Click on Quick Install to continue the installation process.
  4. After that Navigate to the desktop and launch the app by clicking on the Zapya icon.
  5. Now,its over you can Start Sharing Files with Zapya from PC to another Devices.

Download Zapya For Windows.

Conclusion :

That’s it. By this our Tutorial Comes to End.If you still have any confusion in downloading the Zapya App.Please Re-Read the article once again then you would find a way.Thanks for reading our article and don’t Forgot to Comment US in Facebook.Thank You.

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