Importance OF Banana Fruit-10 Benefits OF Banana and why should we eat it daily.

Hello everybody,Today we came an interesting topic of your health tips by which all can improve health.Today’s topic is Eating Two Bananas Daily.First off all we like to tell you something about banana fruit.Banana is the most common fruit which is available every where.This is less in cost also.But we hesitate to eat banana.But by hesitating eating banana we may loss our health little bit.We would like to tell you the importance of Banana today.

Banana is most essential for our body.By eating Banana daily we can keep the doctor away. Banana has many benefits that helps in the fight against various diseases. Moreover it is rich in the numerous nutrients including sucrose,fructose,glucose and fiber.Therefore banana acts as a natural energy booster.In Many countries like United States bananas are the top most consumed fruit and Americans eat more of then each year than apples and oranges combined.In a study found that two bananas can provide you enough energy for a strenuous exercises for 90 minutes.This is why the banana is the most favorite fruit of many outstanding athletes.By eating banana daily many unbelievable things may happen.By taking only bananas daily while morning,afternoon and evening for a month we may loss our fact and become fit.This is know as banana diet.Not only for fitness purpose by applying banana paste per an hour for our face our face may be fresh and glowing for whole day.

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Comparing Banana With Apple :apple vs banana

Moreover compaired with apple,banana contains Three times of phosphorus,Twice the Carbohydrates,Five times of Vitamin A and iron,Four times the protein,Twice the other vitamins and minerals.

How much Potassium Did Young Ones Need Daily :

Young ones need 4700 milligrams of potassium daily.No one can follow this type of diet to get this much potassium,by eating banana we can full fill that.healthy living by banana

Top 10 Benefits OF Eating Two Bananas Daily :

  1. Energy Boost : Eating only two bananas daily give the body enough fuels of exercise and workout for 90minutes. While  you are tired at mid day if you eat two bananas you will feel little bit relax.So forget about coffee and sugar candy’s.Bananas provide energy to our body.
  2. Potassium Power :Because of having potassium in banana helps in delevaring oxygen tho brain and body.Potassium helps in muscles cramps after exercise.
  3. Bananas Bowels : Bananas help in en counts the patient.The fiber present in the banana moves the restoration and maintenance regular body function.
  4. Mood Enhancements :Bananas have an amino acid called shiftaphen. This is necessary for mood regulating purpose and relaxing & happiness.
  5. Iron Rich : Bananas are rich in Iron people suffering from deficiency of Iron by eating bananas it may help to give the body iron that they needs as result they help to improve hemoglobin as that we may be healthy.
  6. Low in Calories :Bananas are low in calories bu eating bananas you can enjoy the sweet too and be healthy without running away from the health.Banana averages about only 110 calories.
  7. Fiber : According to US result one banana has 3 grams of Fiber.By this you digestive process will be running smoothly.
  8. Refueling : Your body uses carbohydrates as a primary source,eat bananas after a workout.Banana will give you energy again.
  9. Manganese : Bananas are good source of Manganese one medium banana provides .3 mg of manganese. Our body need 1.8 to 2.3 mg of manganese daily.
  10. Fat and Cholesterol : Bananas are Fat and cholesterol free.

Most Important Benefits OF Eating Bananas Daily :

By eating bananas daily you can avoid

  • Ulcers
  • Anemia

more over etc,.

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Why Should Eat Banana Before Sleeping :Hormon for sleeping well

We want sleep without any disturbance and uneasiness of our body.That time melatonin hormone is necessary in banana tepronin amino acid is present by this melatonin levels will increase by this happy sleeping will be successful.If you have pains in muscles we may not sleep well by the presence of potassium and magnesium will increase the electrolytes levels and reduce pains and make us to feel free and sleep.In night to make digestion easier and well fiber is required banana has fiber very high by this we can make our digestion well.

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Conclusion :

That’s it by this our article on drinking hot water comes to end.Article about Eating Bananas Daily we think it helps you for health.

Thank you,For reading our article.For more updates of health tips visit us.

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