Advantages OF Eating Single Egg Per Day

Hello everybody how are you ?How was your health.Coming to the point.Now-a-days lot of people tells eating a egg daily is harmful their earth and by eating eggs they may get more cholestrol to their body.So many people hesitate eating eggs daily.But cholestrol (Fat) is essential for our body in our daily life.Everyday we would do many works.That time our body will loss lot of nutrients. Lossing nutrients daily will cause harm to our body,in that time we would suffer with diseases.Many Doctors and Ayurveda exports say the Eggs are allated with protein pack of nutrients.They definitely say  that Eggs are super food in our diet.healthy eggs

Top 10 health benefits of eating eggs daily :

  1. Eggs Are highly nutritious.Eggs contains wide variety of vitamins and a single egg contains 77.6 % of proteins and 5 grams of healthy facts.
  2. Eggs protect us from cancer.Eggs contains very important amino acids like triptofan and tryosin which has strong anti accident properties.
  3. Eggs will not raise the bad cholestrol and a single egg contains 212 milli grams of good cholestrol which is thus recommended 300 milli grams per day.
  4. HDL cholestrol will be raised by eating a single egg daily. HDl cholestrol is considered as good cholestrol which protect us from heart diseases and stacks etc.,.As per studies analysis has increased level of HTL upto 10 % in this manner eggs protect us.
  5. It boosts Brain Power,Eggs contains Omega 3 fatty acids( Vitamin B12 and vitamin D) which are most important for brain health.
  6. Eggs help you to get Slim.(Having eggs in your breakfast will improve you nutrition and also limit your chalory help you to feal fully unsatisfied and it also avoid rapid blood sugar crushes.
  7. It boost Eye health.Eggs contains two important caroteinoides. So it will improve eye sight.
  8. It improves hair growth.It contains high quality proteins by this your hair will be strong and fresh.
  9. Eggs are important for healthy pregnancy.
  10. Eggs help to make strong our bones and teeth.

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We can loss our belly weight by eating two eggs daily with our breakfast.No lossing weight is the major problem for all.By eating eggs we can reduce little bit.Not only weight by eating eggs our skin will be very fresh and glowing whole day.Many vitamins will be produced by eggs in our body we will be healthy.

Many doctors say that eating eggs daily we would get heart diseases. But america doctors are still not agreeing this fact.They are saying all should one egg daily.By that our body will be fit and healthy.And then they are saying we should not eat raw eggs because in raw eggs some micro elements would be present.It kill the hormones which help us to leave healthy and make us sick.So we should not eat raw eggs.

Which vitamin helps us to keep our face :

Vitamin E helps us to keep our face clean and fresh.That vitamin E is available in the egg.Many of Beauticians use eggs as face pack and rest for some time.By using eggs yolk it enters our inner layer of the skin and remove all the impurities and keeps our face fresh.In the same manner by eating one egg daily before breakfast we will get body fitness,Good eyesight,Hair enlargement and fresh appearance in our face.

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Raw Eggs should not be eaten by disease effected people.Because micro elements present in it will kill the cells which gives energy to them.Being disease affected they will have less cells by killing remaing cells they will completely become sick.So they should not eat raw eggs.They can eat boiled egg.

Conclusion :

That’s it by this our article comes to end.Article about eggs we think it helps you for your health.

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